How to migrate Mysql database with another drive

My MySQL database ibdata1 file has been reached the maximum quota of the disk . how can i migrate the database with the next dive on the same server?

Hi @manoj,

I am not a mysql expert but I already used it.
First did you try to "optimize" the tables to get more free space :

This requires to have some free space to be done.
And if needed, after you will have check the mydql doc, you should move your data directory, modify mysql conf to reflect your changes and then restart mysql server. But you need to check mysql doc or dba forums about that.
Maybe some odk users will provide you a more precise method.

thanks, mathieubossaert for your reply I had tried all the tips given by you. but the problem the same as it is. I had also tried to change the data directory but it's unable to load the data in aggregate.


I have two suggestion
1: Increase your quota of the disk from configuration file.
2: You can move your data to another drive check below link for details.

Let me know if this helpful.


thanks, shaamuji,

for your help, I had tried it but the ODK aggregate server unable to find my SQL database.


Error: Unable to retrieve granted authorities of USER_IS_ANONYMOUS error message showing

Hi manoj,
I have tested the shifting and it is pretty smooth,
try stopping the mysql service and then copy your mysql data only ODK form relevant data not all of the data, paste it to other configured mysql data location. Cross check your data by querying the form data if shifting is successful you can reconfigure your aggregate setting.
Let me know if you still have issue.


Thanks shaamuji,

for your attention, whatever suggestion you have given to me I had followed . but Data fetching Error: Unable to retrieve granted authorities of USER_IS_ANONYMOUS error message showing. how can i configured the aggregate settings.