How to organize the forms on different paginated sections

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
We do survey for resettlement plan. We then have 250 questions spread over 24 sections.
First, does ODK support this feature? One form per section (page), so we fill the forms like a wizard by clicking on a certain button Next or Previous to go back.

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I'm not sure if I understand your question well but if you have as you said
250 questions spread over 24 sections and you want to have 24 pages for each section you can use the field-list appearance

The grouping functionality can fit my expectations. As it shows many fields in a single screen.

So "field-list" is going to be the appearance parameter of "begin_group"??

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Yes just like there

I have another question: what about "looped" option? Really need it for typing the list of children in a household survey.
By curiosity, is there pagination displayed indicating how many children entered?

Not by default but you can do that, for example, using calculation and position(..)

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Thanks for this tip.

Can we do like this to get a multiple fields in single screen and looped


Yes but then you don't need that second nested group, just begin_repeat with field-list appearance.

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