How to pre load a field in ODK with a previously entered value

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I'm new to ODK. I am creating a form using ms excel and i would like to preload a field with a value which has been entered in that form. i have tried to use the DEFAULT and setting the field value to the ${name of the question to preload to value} but it is not working. Any help guys!


Probably this xls will give your desired resulttest_view_value.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Get XLS form development guideline from this site

You can't pre-load a field with a previously entered value. The default column doesn't support dynamic values (e.g., ${name_of_question}.

@ARIF_AZAD_KHAN's suggestion is a good one, but the warning there is that when you change name_res, then cal_name_res will also change.

I have some workarounds, but I'd love to understand more about what high-level problem are you trying to solve before I suggest them.

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I can understand the problem raise here because I'm facing the same challenge in one form I'm trying to design.
For me, I trying to work on a form to evaluate the prepaness level of a Polio campaign. So I want that when a district have summit one form, for the next submission (02 or 03 days after), people have to answer considering their previous answer.
If you understand my problem, I will be very happy to know what you advice.