How to preload choices from File in the Form with Google Drive as Server?

I have a Xlsform that pulls data from the csv file.
I use select_one_from_file type in the Survey sheet. Uploaded my csv file in the ODK Central Server in the Media files Tab of the Form. It works fine.

But when I am trying do the same with Google Drive, I do not know where to upload the csv file in the Google Drive. Let me know if there is any specific folder the media files should be uploaded in Google Drive so that the ODK collect App can download it along with the forms.

What have you tried to fix the issue?
I uploaded the csv file in the same folder as the xml file in Google Drive. But ODK Collect App not able to find the file.

I could not find any documents related to this about Google Drive.
Please share if there is any.


I uploaded the csv files in the Android mobile(media folder) of the Form and it works.

Is Data collectors should copy the choices csv file in their mobile in order for the Form to work ?

Just wanted to know is there a solution in Google Drive, like ODK Central Server (Where we upload the csv files with the forms in the Server and ODK Collect App will download the Form with csv files)



It should work well but might be a little bit tricky. Please take a look at and:

When using Google Drive, the -media folder should be uploaded to the same location as the form. If you share forms with another user, you need to share the parent folder which contains a form and a folder with media files. Sharing both of them separately wouldn't be enough.

Let us know it it helped you.

Thank You @Grzesiek2010 it worked.

But now I am facing another issue. I created the media folder and worked fine in one of my Google drive. When I use the same file and media folder in another drive, I am getting this error when I download the form in ODK Collect App. I am not sure whether it is the Google Drive issue. Attached the error. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/solution.

Solved the issue.

By unchecking the Google Drive settings "Convert uploads to Google Docs Editor Format"

Thank you for all the support and help.