How to print day name

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I want to print dayname from date

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Hi @Bhupender_Bhutani

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Sorry I do not no understand what you are trying to achieve, please provide more information. If possible give an example or explain your use case. Once we have more information we will be in a better position to assist.

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Actually we need Day Name from current date i.e 2017/08/16(Wednesday)


Hi @Bhupender_Bhutani

Do you need to use the day name during data collection in the field? Or you require that at data analysis? If its at data analysis I suggest you do the conversation post data collection.

We need to use day name at the time of data collection in field.

You can use the format-date function as described here. Please note that in Collect v1.9.1 and previous the day and month names ( %b and %a) are always shown in English rather than being localized to match Collect's language. The next release should fix this.

Thank you
My problem solved.

string for long day name i.e Tuesday