How to redirect a link along with data

I receive sample assistance from a panelist provider. It is necessary to redirect the link after submitting the data, as well as qualify/disqualify and quota variables. Can anyone assist me in this matter?

Ali Raza

Hi @Ali.Raza, for the community to try and provide guidance, I think you will have to provide more details about your use-case, what you are trying to do, and what you have tried already.

Thank you for your interest.

In fact, we purchased specific responses from a panel provider. When we shared our link for data collection, Panel Provider asked us to include a link within the survey tools to redirect respondents to the Panel Provider server for managing the counts of qualified and disqualified responses.

We used the "appearance" column to redirect a link using "url." However, it does not contain the variable data. How can we transfer data while redirecting a link?

Ali Raza

If you are using ODK Central you can:

I am not aware of using a redirect link to send submission data to a secondary server.