How to register the children in a household


I am looking for a mechanism to build a series of rehearsals as in the case of registration of children but in a progressive way, that is to say:

Q1. Do you have a child under 5 in this plot or household?
If yes, Q2. Name of child under 5
Q3. His date of birth
Q4. his age in months
Q5. His brachial perimeter

after a question will follow to ask:

Q6. Do you still have another child under 5?
if yes, we repeat the same questions, ie Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 to register the second child and after that we ask again the question Q6 do you still have another child? if so, we repeat the same questions Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5 again to register the third child.

thank you for helping me

You need 2 loops (nested). First loop will operate for the child availability question, while second loop will trigger the child details questions based on first question answer. When you complete inner loop, you will start looping for outer loop.

Let me know if it works out.

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Hi @diniero69

Please find attached a sample file Begin_repeat_test.xlsx (10.2 KB) .
I've included an extra variable so that you can preview the calculated value of months.
Note that the values are rounded so they might be rounded up or down depending on how close they are to the nearest integer. You can change the number of decimals by modifying the calculated field.

You can test it at

Btw the other answer provided in the thread also works, but I think it could be easier to have a screening question (any children <5yo) and then a single loop.

I hope this helps!


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Thank you very mutch Andrea Martin.
It work very well. You are the best