How to remove sent forms from ODK Collect

I have 809 unecessary sent form of old project to remove because of new project.
Introducing myself :
I developped a survey system in ODK/Kobotoolbox collecting data on field, extracting excel files to ACCESS for mapping database importing to SQL Server conncted to CardPresso (card print software= via ODBC and print card for free health cares to poor people in Guinea. I have so far 18 000 poor people estimated to get card going to commuity health care centers. Paiement of health care centers are reimbursed by work bank (around 56 health care centers).
My next project is same goal (produce card for poor people and let them go to health cares center for free) now for 175 000 poor people supposed to go to 104 health care centers.
My problem : I have deployed ODK forms on 32 tablets via humanitarian plateform ( for 1rst project, now for next project I will use platform to allow remote view of activities on field by work bank heardquater (Washington DC, USA). So I NEED TO REMOVE ALL ACTUAL SENT FORMS ON ODK COLLECT MENU to download, process and send new forms. I have previously 809 sent forms to remove.

Need assistance

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Maybe the documentation will help you :

For future topic try to use topic title as a title :slight_smile: and the topic description as the place to describe your problem

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