How to return the answer of a question to another question

Good evening dear experts, I would like to know how to refer the answer of a previous question to another question?


Your question is not really clear to me; however, I think you mean Skip Logic.


@ANGE, thank you for your question! In the future, please make sure to use the support template and answer all the questions so that you can get the best help possible. In particular, it's helpful if you can describe what goal you're trying to achieve. For example, "I want to ask the user for their age and then multiply the age by two" or "I want to ask the user for their age and then show a message if their age is below 45." It's also important to note what tools you are using.

What I think @ANGE is getting at is how to use the answer of a question somewhere else in the form as in my examples above.

In XLSForm, you can put the name of any question in between ${ and } to refer to its value. For example:

|   type    |    name    |        label        | calculation |
| integer   | age        | What is your age?   |             |
| note      | age_note   | Your age is ${age}. |             |
| calculate | double_age |                     | ${age} * 2  |

Here is a form with that example and a couple more.

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@ANGE . You should go through with below post with this your concept and question will be clear.

We are always here for your help.


Please do see this thread as well (Referencing entered data into next questions), explaining the cases where it may not work.