How to save the view in Enketo

Hello everyone, I have a question on how to save the Enketo view to send someone to correct or edit I only see the print option, how can I put track changes on forms.
Thank you.


You can send the Enketo preview link for review but not for correct or edit. There is no track change option on Enketo.


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Editing submitted records is possible in Enketo but this integration has not been added to ODK Aggregate (and won't be) (Update: actually I remember an organization called SDRC India did implement this in a fork of Aggregate). You can edit records in Ona, and KoBoToolbox though. Likely this will also be possible in ODK Central in the future. You cannot send a link though. You'd have to go through the Ona, KoBoToolbox, (future Central) interface to click some 'Edit' button.

As @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN mentioned, actually keeping track of changes is not possible anywhere (except in OpenClinica), as far as I know. This would be primarily a feature for the server (Central, KoBo, Ona) to support, I think.