How to show calcutate results to the ODK User

I am a new user of odk. I designed a form and want to show a calculate question to the user. The calculate question is an addition of 5 previous integer questions but answer is not showing to the user.

I am currently using Galaxy A50 with Odk collect v1.22.4.

Once you have a calculate field defined you should put a note after pulling the calculated field.

See attached example.

The sample was adopted from an XLSform I got from this forum but it demos how to achieve what you want

Copyofokay2.xlsx (11.8 KB)

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I am also a new used but this is what I did to show the user the calculation using an xls form:

Following the 'calculate' type I made a 'note' type. The note has its own name, and the label is whatever the calculation you are creating followed by a comma and the variable name of the calculation.

For example if the calculate variable is named 'Total'
the note variable would have the label: Summation of Total, ${Total}

What appears to the user is (if the summation was equal to 45):
Summation of Total, 45

I have included a screen shot of my xls sheet - ignore the begin_group line as it is not needed for what you want to do.

I hope this helps, although if you are not using xls forms it probably won't help very much!

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Thanks, it worked for me.