How to uninstall ODK

Hi, this is Ricardo from Panama.

I have two laptops and I created two ODK aggregate repositories, they were for different projects, but one project was canceled. Now I have to return one laptop and I need to uninstall ODK aggregate. How should I do it?

After doing that, how can I install ODK aggregate in the future?

Thanks. I appreciate any help, I´ve been searching on the web, but I don´t find any answer.


Where are hosting your Aggregate server? On your local PC, GAE or DO? If this is VM version, please take you backup and then uninstall the Aggregate VM. It will allow you to migrate your data to another server if you need.

If you are hosting on cloud, it is not directly connected to your PC as soon you have completed the installation.

Hope this helps,

Hi A.N.M_AL-IMRAN, thanks for your reply.

Sorry for not being specific. I installed ODK using my gmail account, so I configured Google Console, then I installed ODK in my local PC by validating the token. That was 2 or 3 years ago, I followed the descriptions in ODK webpage and it worked very well.