How to use media in forms

thanks a lot for your support. I have another question I will need your help I want to display a picture at the start of the form and I have tried writing the name of the picture on the media::picture column and copy the picture to the odk/Forms/picturename-media in my phone but it keeps on displaying is missing. please are they other challenges that may cause this kind of issues.

Please check this section
There you can find an example how to use media in forms.

thanks but I have done all that am asking why is not working.

and your column name is media::image like in the doc not like you said media::picture?

sorry I meant media::image it is still not working

Can you attach a sample form that shows this problem?

I created the media folder in /forms myself my odk/forms folder did not contain a media folder earlier.

Farmersodk.xlsx (22.1 KB)


Here is a sample form: (19.9 KB)
It works well.

thanks alot Grzesiek2010 iv found the problem I did not include the picture format in the form.