How to use odkmeta

Hi @monica.vargas , I am working on ODKmeta command , i found this very interesting as i am a person who is using Stata most and from past 4 years my team is using ODK and than i am doing all kind of work in Stata so i can manage dataset easily. Labeling is consuming maximun time in Stata.
Could you help me in this.

I am have 3 tabs in ODK form 1 survey 2 choices 3 settings.
Could you tell me how i can use ODKmeta command? I gone through with manual but that was not working.

For the odkmeta command to work you need to create a new csv for each the survey and choices tabs. Once you have them you just need to enter the directory where the data bases are and where you want the do file to appear (I recommend a global for this) into the command:

global dir="directory"

odkmeta using "$dir/", csv("$dir/ODK Form name.csv") survey("$dir/survey".csv) choices("$dir/choices.csv")

Hope this helps