How to use own GUI ODK Aggregation for ODK data collection

I want to use odk tool for data collection and save it, on own database and display it and visualize it my own program. how to do it. is it possible or we have to use only central ODK server.


It's certainly possible to build your own ODK-compatible server, but it's a lot easier to use Central as the server and pull the data into whatever visualization and analysis pipeline you'd like to use.

Thanks yanokwa for quick reply. for ODK compatible server can we design the database as per our requirement and how to save the data through ODK collection tool. For frontend GUI we will use leaflet or openlayer library for geotag and geofencing activity in the field.

Bonjour Expert Yanokwa, je souhaite avoir un serveur compatible odk où nous aurons la possibilité de concevoir la base des données personnalisées et acceder un paquet des options avancées. Priere de m'aider, pour une version qu'on peut payer.