How update ID project

Hi all
I create server with Google App Engine , my question is how change the ID project.
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Google Cloud's project ID can't be changed as far as I know. You can always change the project name but not the project ID.

If you really want to change project ID, you will have to create a new project but even so, it doesn't allow you to edit the project ID since it is automatically generated.

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You can choose your project ID as long as someone hasn't taken it.

For example, someone already uses the project ID odk-collect (for the URL, resulting in a similar project ID to be odk-collect-[randomnumbers]


Meanwhile, no one has used the project ID i-am-jruizc (for the url Thus I can grab the project ID i-am-jruiz without those random numbers generating.


Thanks for your answers but , I did not understand how to edit project ID.
Thanks advanced