Hurricane Dorian Response data collection forms

HI all. Trying to help some folks simplify their data collection in the Bahamas but before I started, wanted to see if anyone out there has already developed some forms? Trying to avoid redundancy. Thanks!

Hi, I'm working with the IFRC/Red Cross response. What organization(s) are you working with, and what data are you collecting (for example... affected persons registration, situation assessment, other)?

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HI Dan! I work with Disaster Intelligence and we provide disaster consulting services. World Hope has asked us to join their consortium to respond to a request from the American Red Cross for a plan of action. One of the aspects in the proposal relates to the data needs to inform the resource requirements. So basically I was reaching out to see what data are being captured, what data isn't that needs to be- i.e., where can we help on the data front. I realize there are alot of (constantly) moving parts so if it's easier to jump on a WhatsApp call, happy to do so. Thanks!

Hello @VMG0: I have recently simplified two complex M&E data collection tools for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) on a project they are running in Tamale, Ghana.

So we are familiar with whatever you want to do. Feel free to link up anytime.

Thanks so much! I will circle back as soon as I have a clear of idea of the data needs. Really appreciate the outreach.

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