I need help to login to our aggregate server

"Hello , I need help to login to our aggregate server and export data we just submitted from a survey 1 week ago. we have been using this server since 2009. strangely, after our last data collection , anytime t try to our (https://sendpartme.appspot.com/Aggregate.html) there is a message about exceeding daily limit and Please visit your application dashboard at Google AppEngine. But we dont have anything in our google AppEngine. How do i login the aggragate server directly and export our data? Please help"

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Could you be logging in with the wrong account? Google may have changed the terms of their free level for AppEngine. I think you will need to find a way to access your account and increase your plan. Hopefully Google support can help you access your account with them. Unfortunately, we don't have the information or access to support on that.

Please note that Aggregate has reached end-of-life and is no longer being updated or supported. Consider switching to Central because it's actively developed.

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