I wanted to understand ODK History

Hi, I wanted to understand ODK History.

When was ODK launched?
Was it different at the time of its launch?
Who all developed and supported it?

Hi @nalinsharma2004
we don't have a lot materials published about our history.
You can find something here: https://opendatakit.org/community/history/
When it comes to the team you can find people here: https://github.com/orgs/getodk/people
And contributors that helped to improve a particular tool also on hithub for example in case of ODK Collect: https://github.com/getodk/collect/graphs/contributors

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This link is very self-serving, but https://news.cs.washington.edu/2018/06/08/allen-school-recognizes-yaw-anokwa-and-eileen-bjorkman-with-alumni-impact-awards has a pretty good summary.


We need to get this on our wikipedia page

This is also a good listen..
Starting by Luck and Succeeding by Grit with Yaw Anokwa of ODK : Aid, Evolved