Identify user if submitted a form

I'd like to know is there any way that i can identify a user submitted or not? Becasue data after submitting is in different filter and it's hard to manage. I think it probably has a way to collect all data into a table. Could anyone have a solution for it?


Your question is not very clear to me; however, from my understanding, I would say, you will be able to identify a submission from a specific user by the username under the username column.


There are several metadata fields that can be included in a survey and automatically recorded. These can help link a submission to a particular enumerator/surveyor.

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The link Dan sent is correct, but is missing one metadata field: username. There is an issue at if someone wants to send in a pull request, I will review and merge!

In recent versions of ODK Collect, you can set this form metadata in the General Settings. See

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