If calculations

Hi Guys:
I have this calculation in my xls form: (I have 8 choices)
1- count-selected(${vaccination.services1})
2- if(${calculate.vaccination.services1}<=3,"30%",if(${calculate.vaccination.services1}=4,"60%",if(${calculate.vaccination.services1}=5,"60%",if(${calculate.vaccination.services1}=6,"90%",if(${calculate.vaccination.services1}=7,"90%",if(${calculate.vaccination.services1}=8,"100%","0%"))))))
Number 2 is working for all logics from (0-7) but for number 8 which contains all choices it didn't work ?
Can you advise please?

Hi @Moteb_Marei
what do you mean by

I've tested this sample form: itemsTest.xls (7 KB)

and everything seems fine.