If CSV file contains " and \n in string value, sometimes it breaks the integrity of csv columns separator

Can we change the CSV file to remove all the new lines from the string values and substitute them by another character? It would make more sense to have one raw by submission.

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Could you please provide a few more details - Which tool are you asking about: Aggregate, Briefcase, Central? How are trying to use the file (e.g. open in Excel)? And are you able to provide a specific example of the question and data submission that caused the problem?

I believe this is related to the following Briefcase PR: Small fix to remove the csv qualifier and \n from text before generating csv file. by anaskhl · Pull Request #896 · getodk/briefcase · GitHub.

RFC 4180 is as close to a standard for CSVs as there is. See 2.6 for a description of what should happen if fields contain line breaks. This is what Briefcase does.

It sounds like you don't want newlines in your output. Your best bet would be to add a constraint in your form design to prevent newlines. If you've already collected data, you can do the substitution yourself. I don't think there's a universal substitution that would make sense for Briefcase since the CSV spec includes newlines.

You may also want to look into the tool you're using for analysis and see whether you could request support for quotes and newlines.