IFRC seeks Cash and Voucher Assistance Specialist in Indonesia

Job description

As part of the Disaster Risk Management Team in the Country Cluster Delegation (CCD) for Indonesia and Timor-Leste and under the technical guidance and leadership of the Regional Cash Coordinator for Asia-Pacific, the Cash and Voucher Specialist will be responsible to provide technical support advice to PMI and CVTL to support them with the development and implementation of their cash capacity building plans of action with the objective to have them ready to deliver, when appropriate, CVA in a timely, accountable and effective manner at any time and at any scale.. The role will also provide hands on support and advice to both national societies on the implementation of CVA under emergency operations, including ongoing COVID-19 operations being implemented. This includes providing technical support to National Society teams to effectively plan, implement, manage, and evaluate CVA programming.

Connection to ODK

Responsibilities: Promote and provide guidance on cash data management system, including on data protection and security (e.g.: RedRose, Kobo toolbox, ODK and other mobile data collection tools and beneficiary data management systems).

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