IFRC seeks Information Management Officer in Hungary

Job description

The Regional Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) - IM officer will provide technical support to IFRC and National Societies RCCE activities across the Europe and Central Asia region. The work will involve close coordination with the IFRC regional office, IFRC cluster and country delegations, as well National Societies.

The Officer will specifically work to support the CEA teams across the region in developing and applying appropriate feedback mechanisms and tools that facilitate collection, analysis and sharing of operational CEA information, knowledge and data with technical leads, the IFRC membership and partners in an appropriate and safe manner. Specifically, the regional expert will ensure guidance, coaching and capacity building for developing and rolling out CEA data (with focus on qualitative data such as community feedback and perceptions data), processes, systems and tools in a coordinated manner across regions and countries for operational decision making and community engagement approaches including for key partners and stakeholders engaged in the COVID-19 response.

Connection to ODK

Job Duties and Responsibilities: Apply appropriate digital technologies to structure and enhance information flow of CEA data, including development of survey tools. Provide quality control and technical guidance over tools that support data collection and analysis such as Open Data Kit (ODK), KoBo Toolbox.

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