IKI conversion problems

Hi Andrew,
It looks like I need your help again. I have started to see the same error
message as before when I try to convert the attached xls.

"Unidentified Error with submission: Exception('Element with this name
already exists.', [u'start', u'end', u'today', u'deviceid', u'subscriberid', u'simid', u'village_name', u'EA_number', u'Respondents_first_name', u'Respondents_surname', u'Respondents_ID', u'Couples_ID', u'Responents_nickname', u'Respondents_gender', u'multi_question_page2', u'multi_question_page4', u'multi_question_page6', u'Respondent_in_polygamous_marriage', u'multi_question_page8', u'Responents_favorite_animal', u'geopoint'], u'geopoint')"

When I try to convert an earlier xls file that I was previously able to
convert (attached is the last version I was able to convert), I get the same
message. I have been making changes to the xls file and converting it
several times to try to get the form just the way I want it. It seems that
when I do this, xls2xform thinks the names already exist. I tried changing
the names on the third worksheet you added last time, but it didn't help.


  1. I can't get the "location" type to add a page to capture the GPS
  2. The constraint messages that I entered are not appearing
  3. I am unable to get multiple questions on the same page.

I would really appreciate your help as we are getting close to beginning the


ODK_RAND_Qn_111026md2.xls (91 KB)

RAND_Qn 111026.xml (96.6 KB)

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