Image files on the server


I have a customized dashboard on top of ODK Aggregate, which pulls the data from the default ODK database and tables. For images, I am decoding the data direct from the VALUE column of the table FormName_ImageName_BLB. However, it is tedious and puts load on server. I also noticed that there is an image filename in FormName_ImageName_BN table, in the column UNROOTED_FILE_PATH.

Does ODK save the image file as filename.jpg anywhere on the ODK server? Which directory?


Hi, here you'll find a discussion about that :

But as far as I know, no, Aggregate does not yet store medias files as files on the server.

But this is a PostgreSQL-only workaround.

Right. But what's the purpose of putting image name in the ODK table?

Actually I am already processing the image file on my customized dashboard through a script which adjusts the UTC date/time according to the country timezone and then prints the date/time on top of image, and also compresses the image. The final image is displayed in the browser with submission date/time in its top-left corner. But this is done on the access only and so far I am not storing the modified image on the disk. If ODK provides a default image file instead of database call, it would be great. Else I would write a cronjob/script to do this thing externally.

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Any help on this please?