IMEI for dual-sim phones - Which one is picked by Collect?


We can pick the IMEI of the device through the DEVICE ID field on the form. I am curious to know that since all dual-sim (or multi-sim) phones have more than one IMEIs, which one is picked by the ODK form? Is it fixed to pick IMEI of SIM1 slot, or can it be random as well?


Hi @Saad

If you have SIM card only in slot2 IMEI for that slot will be used otherwise if you have SIM card in slot1 or in both slots or no SIM card at all then IMEI for slot 1 will be used.
We will need to get rid of IMEI however due to Google policy (more info: Collect will need to stop using IMEI as deviceID and making simSerial and subscriberID available) and we are going to replace it with newly generated "Install ID" which is displayed in the latest version at the bottom of Form Metadata screen.

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Yes, that's pretty much what I needed to know. Thanks!

Would the 'Install ID' be giving info about the handset manufacturer/model?

No, it will be a random value.