IMPORTANT: Online Survey -- Responses Needed -- ODK Management Transition

If you use any of the ODK tools, please take the online survey that Waylon sent out
last week.


··· On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 2:31 PM, Waylon Brunette wrote:

Dear Open Data Kit Community,

The ODK team is conducting an online survey to solicit feedback
from the community about Open Data Kit’s future management structure once
it is transitioned from the University of Washington’s Department of
Computer Science and Engineering (UW-CSE) in the fall 2017. An update about
the transition can be found here

The online survey is
intended to gather input from a variety of stakeholders about how the Open
Data Kit project should evolve and has many free response questions to
solicit people’s ideas about what the future of the ODK should look like.
We really want to encourage the users of ODK to actively influence how we
grow ODK together by providing your input via this survey.

Please help us reach a broad range of the ODK community by forwarding
this survey to anyone you know that uses ODK.

Survey Link:

Thanks in advance your time!

Waylon Brunette
Open Data Kit Co-Founder
PhD Student, University of Washington

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