In my multi-site study, should I use site-specific App Users or ask for a facility code in my form?

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Just a quick question - for a multi-site study, is it necessary to have site-specific QR codes? What is the benefit? I ask this as I wonder if I can just generate a single QR code for the study and circulate this to all the sites that are participating. All the sites will have access to the exact same forms, and we will differentiate the submissions by site using the first field in each of the forms which is "Facility code".

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Either works, it's up to you! If there are no or few site-specific questions, I would tend to use the facility code approach. If there's a risk of data collectors picking the wrong facility code and/or there are significant differences between sites, I would tend to use separate forms and App Users. You can also use the same form and different App Users.

Some other things to consider:

  • Is there analysis/monitoring across sites or is it all within a site? If it's all within a site, you may prefer to have separate forms so that you can see the data separately in Central and more easily create separate dashboards.
  • Is there any risk of configuration QR codes being misused? Using separate codes per site even if you use the same form and ask for a facility code gives you the option to revoke a site's App User if something goes wrong. And you can filter by App Users in the Central UI.
  • Is there any possibility of site-specific follow-up? If so, you may like having an App User per site so that you can easily push additional forms to select sites only.

Hi @LN

Thank you - this was very helpful! I think I'll go for the site-specific QR code just in case those other considerations come into play later down the line, but very good to know I can do either!


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