Include Responses Inside Another Question - SELECT MULTIPLE

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
After a question SELECT MULTIPLE, I would like to add several questions as in the below example:

Step 1) Q1 SELECT MULTIPLE, with 5 possible options. I will select 3 out of 5.

Step 2) Q2-Q4 (different questions type - text, integer, etc) - These questions should appear just for the selected options in Q1.
So, I will have 3*4 questions (questions Q1-Q4 for each of the 3 options selected in Q1

Step 3) Q5-Q6 appear just for the no selected options in Q1
So, I will have 2*2 questions (questions Q5-Q6 for each of the 2 options selected in Q1)

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
I am designing the form in excel

What you have you tried to fix the problem?
I tried to do it with inlude responses inside another option ($) but I can't go around with the multiple selection

If simply the number of options selected is all you need, you can make use of count-selected(${QUESTION}), where "QUESTION" refers to your Q1 select_mutliple.

If you want to count only some options, but not others, you can make a custom calculate to count up what was selected, like this:

if(selected(${QUESTION}, 'option_1_name'), 1, 0) + 
if(selected(${QUESTION}, 'option_2_name'), 1, 0) + 

My organization uses a much older custom version of Collect, so I'm not sure if you could then set the value of this calculate in the repeat_count column, to make sure that you have a set of questions that repeats for every one of those options selected. In our version, it bugs out if we try to do this. But perhaps it works in the latest version of Collect? We get around it in any case by including a note at the end of each repeat which says "You have more questions to answer; proceed forward and select 'Add Group'" if more repeats remain, or "You have no more questions to answer; proceed forward and select 'Do not add'" if finished. Then we have an error screen as well (a note with required set to "yes") right outside of the repeat group to handle cases where they selected the wrong option and entered too many / too few repeats.

Hi Joseph, many thanks for your message!

However, I am not looking for the number of options selected. Instead, I would need to add a skip logic to Q2-Q4 in a way that these questions appear just for the 3 options selected in Q1.

At the same time, Q5-Q6 would appear for the options NOT SELECTED in Q1.

My issue is: I can't know in advance which questions answer option will be selected and which one won't, so consequently I am struggling with how add a conditionality to the appearance of Q2-Q6.

Am I explaining myself? :smile:

You can see this XLS repeat_seleted_not_selected_item.xlsx (15.2 KB)