Inconsistency EnketoId between upload draft form return and draft for details

The return values when I upload a draft form via API and when I explicitly request form details are almost equal: enketoID is not available after upload, but present on form details request.

It is a minor point, but it would be good if these two were consistent.

Hi @dmenne! Is this when you create the form for the first time? The Enketo ID is generated asynchronously, which often takes a few seconds, so it won't exist at the time of the first response, but it might exist by the time you request form details.

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Yes, it is on the first run, and while writing a test I noted that the return on creation and on the next query are different in enketoID.

I can understand that this is not a simple sequence problem when it is asynchronous. Never mind, it's a minor point relevant in testing only probably.

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