Index repeat within the same roster

Hey everyone! I am having some issues with a repeat group in SurveyCTO. We are asking for each member which educational level they have obtained and then if they are enrolled, in which level they are enrolled. I would like to add a note that appears if 1) they have selected the same level 2) they have selected a level below in the second question 3) they have selected a type above in the second question but still same educ level (primary school or junior). If somebody could contact me for some help, I would really appreciate it!!! I attach here what i tried to do. I get the index repeat error thoughTRIALCTO.xlsx|attachment (36.9 KB)

Hi @mariab,

I can not open the fil you joined. But if If I have understood correctly what you're asking for there are two ways:

Hope it will help,
Otherwise do not hesitate to share again your file so we can open it,

All the best,