Indexed-Repeat Error for previously defined integer as the third argument

I have encountered an error in ODK Collect using the indexed-repeat function. The function works correctly when the third argument is position(..) or an integer, i.e. indexed-repeat(${hh_member_name},${hh_membership_repeat},1), but will not work if I reference an integer value collected previously in the form, indexed-repeat(${hh_member_name},${hh_membership_repeat},${index1}).

The interesting thing is this works on the SurveyCTO app and in Enketo, leading me to believe it is an error in ODK Collect instead of just something not currently supported. Is this truly an error or just something that is not supported on ODK Collect.

I am including a link to a sample form and a link to word doc with a screenshot of the error message encountered when using the form. Any advice would be appreaciated.

This is indeed a bug, thanks for reporting it, @Megan_Schroeder! I did a quick investigation and filed it at

The form actually works fine when the error is dismissed and the jump menu used to fill out all questions. It seems the problem is with the value of index1 initially being undefined.

@Megan_Schroeder Thanks to @michal_dudzinski this is now fixed in JavaRosa and will be released with the next version of Collect.

@LN @michal_dudzinski Thanks for your assistance with this. It is much appreciated!

Thanks again for the report, @Megan_Schroeder. This fix is in the recently-released Collect v1.12