Indexed-repeat not understood as well as zero repeats

I seem to not be understanding the indexed repeat function. I have read the articles and have according to my interpretation written the calculations accordingly. Can you kindly take a look at the sheet and advise me where I am going wrong. I have highlighted the section for ease of reference (rows 126-197).

Additionally, i continue to receive the following error.

Repeat behavior has changed. Previously, some clients like ODK Collect prompted users to add the first repeat. Now, the user will only be prompted to add repeats after the first one. Representing 0 repetitions will require changing the form design. Read more at

Yet again I am confused as I think I have used the dynamic repeat count:
count would be established outside and preceeding the repeat group. Grateful if anyone can tell me were I am going wrong.

aciDpSVY5S7XBhGmckvbPa (33).xlsx (52.3 KB)

Hi @scherrie
you highlighted over 70 questions. You need to be more specific about what your problem is and what you don't understand otherwise it's very unlikely that someone is going to spend hours figuring out what's going on.
You said you don't understand indexed-repeat function, if so please go through the documentation:
if you google it you will find also docs from other projects that are based on ODK.
You will find many topics with sample forms on this forum as well.
If it doesn't help you please try with a smaller sample form that you could attach. On his forum we solve 99.9% problems but you might end up in that 0.01% if you highlight 70 lines for our review.

My apologies. Can you look at row 126 -136. I have reveiwed articles on the repeat, and felt I have executed it. However, I still get the error about zero repeats as well. I used the dynamic repeat function, so I am uncertain as to what differently I have to do to cease this error from occuring.aciDpSVY5S7XBhGmckvbPa (33).xlsx (51.5 KB)