Indirect server upgrading (Data transfer via Briefcase)


One of my ODK servers is running a very old version of ODK (1.4.4) and I want to upgrade it to latest ODK version. Being on the cloud, I have the option of starting a new server, install latest ODK version (2.0.5) on it, and point the domain name to the new server. My concern is the migration of data.

Is it a right method of transferring the data?

  1. I pull all data from old server to local drive via ODK briefcase.
  2. I setup new server with latest version of ODK Aggregate.
  3. I push the data stored locally to the new server through briefcase.

The benefit I see is that since I am setting up new server, my old server and data will stay as-it-is, so if something goes wrong, I can switch back to old server.

Has anyone tried this combination? Is there a problem in this approach?



The steps your following sounds perfect. I migrated many of my servers following the same steps without any issue.


Hi, @Saad!

I agree with @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN. Your plan sounds good, although I would like to point your attention to ODK Central, which is the next generation server for ODK:

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