Individual response rate calculation

Hello XLS family.
My question is simple, I want to know if it's possible to be able to calculate an individual response rate just before submission. The idea is, I want my data collectors to be able to see the response rate of each individual survey before they submit.

Looking forward to your response.
Thank You!

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Can you please explain more about what you are trying to do...

  • Do you mean the number of forms submitted from the device?
  • The percentage of the questions in the form that the person answered?
  • Something else?

The percentage of the questions in the form the person answered or was answered.

Forgive me for taking this fun puzzle from you, @danbjoseph.

The best solution I can find is to build up a space-separated string of all the answers using concat and the explicit question references and then calling count-selected on that.

See an example form here.

Note for the XPath lovers among us. It should be possible to do something like count(/data/questions/*[. != '']) but it looks like * is not supported by ODK Collect.

Maybe you'll find a better way, @danbjoseph!

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