Information about data collection platforms

Hi all,

We will be conducting a survey using on the web (web collect). The survey will be shared with a link sent by email, and respondents will be able to answer on mobile or computer. We want to collect more than 70,000 surveys. The target audience is people who only speak and read Spanish. We have two questions:

  1. Although SurveyCTO tells us that it is not possible to change the entire server language (For example: Select the blue "Next" button or the right single arrow (not the double arrow) to continue with the form. When you are at the end, select the button blue "Save Form and Exit" to complete the form.). Has anyone designed a similar survey? If so, what strategies did they use?

  2. Have you worked on other data collection platforms that meet the following: monthly payments, capacity to collect more than 70,000 surveys, safe and that allows programming pull data.


I really appreciate your help