Information to include in feature requests / feedback

While the general rule of thumb is include as much information as possible, it would be great to put together some example questions and/or template(s) for non-coders to use as guidance when reporting an issue, and/or requesting a feature. We can collect ideas here them post them in the features section. Thoughts?

Here are some ideas....

Report an issue:

  • Help us pinpoint the issue: Which tool are reporting about? Which build (or version) are you using? Which device are you using?
  • Attach a screenshot of the issue (if possible)
  • What were you trying to do when the issue arose? What was the goal of the action that led to the issue?
  • Describe the issue.
  • Include steps for someone to try to recreate the issue.

Request a feature:

  • Which tool is this for? Collect? Aggregate? Build?
  • Give a quick summary of the feature being requested.
  • Describe this feature to the best of your ability.
  • What is the general goal of this feature?
  • What are some example use cases for this feature?
  • What is the potential impact of the feature?

Thank you, @allieber! This is so important.

I added to the Support category description based on your suggestions. The Features category description didn't have any guiding questions and I added your suggestions with minor tweaks.

If you or anyone else has any suggested wording changes or additions/removals, please suggest!

Does anyone have any recommendations for making these posts more visible? They're pinned at the top of their respective categories but I don't know how obvious it is that they should be read. :thinking:

What about using these questions as the topic template for the category via the category settings? That way anyone creating a new topic (feature request) can start with this outline for consistency.


I like this idea, @downey. How should we handle the case where we move a topic into a feature? Do we just ask the originator to edit the post to answer those questions?

Yeah, it can really only be enforced socially. But hopefully would get folks in a good habit of answering the "right" questions!

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Great ideas all around! I've added topic templates to features and support. Let's give it a few days and see if the quality goes up!

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