Inquiry: Howto, cascade 'select_multiple' with text?

Hi All,

I tried using relevant to show 'text' prompts when selecting an option. My issue, is that the 'text' prompt keeps showing at the end of the option list, instead of next/under the selected option. What can I do, so that Option_Selected and Option_Explanation('text') is next to each other?

  • There are 20 'select_multiple' options
  • Only on every 'selected' options, there should be a 'text' explanation
  • End user can only select three(3) options.

Hi @Neko_Acedia
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could you describe your case better? I guess your problem might be solved using relevant but since your description is not clear I can't be sure.

ODK Tester (50).xlsx (35.1 KB)
Above is my form.

Instead of having the text prompts at the end of the options list, would it be possible to have the text prompts next to the selected choices?

No, unfortunately that's not possible, there is no way to add additional, follow-up questions under/next to every choice.