Install ODK manually

who can or can explain to me how to manually install the ODK app after making some changes to the source code ???

My guess will be to recompile the code and install that.
So basically, follow the same steps as you would to install the stock version of ODK.

I think you misunderstood... the way I know to install the standard version of the ODK is by downloading the app from the Playstore, this is the only way I know... and I asked what are the ways to install the program without being by playstore .. is it hard to understand ?

after getting the source code on github, what to do next until it is installed on the device?

Hi @BrunoAngelo

Have a look at the project README file

Is it very difficult to explain here?

Hi @BrunoAngelo

Is it very difficult to read the documentation?

The readme at is the answer to your question, @BrunoAngelo. If there is a specific step you are stuck on, please start another topic with that specific issue.

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