Install pgadmin to view ODK Central database

I understand that this is not recommended practice given the below post:

However, just out of curiosity as to how data is being stored in the ODK Central, can you please guide how we can access ODK Central database via pgadmin 4, will the standard installation steps mentioned below would work?

Thank you!

That should work as long as you install in the Postgres container. You might also be able to run a separate pgadmin container.

You can also use the psql command line tool:

docker exec -it central-postgres-1 psql -U odk -W odk

If you're interested in how submission data is stored, it is stored as the raw XML sent from clients. That means submission ingestion is fast and robust. The tradeoff is that it's not in a practical format for direct use and that's why we recommend using the CSV or JSON exports.

You may also find this overview of the database structure helpful: