Installing Central on a Windows Server?

Thanks for posting the link, but the instructions are for Ubuntu. I cannot find a clear instruction on how to install on WIndows Server. Can you please point out to them? Thanks in advance.

Did you found install instruction for Windows server?

Unfortunately, Docker on Windows isn’t going to be easy.

Ubuntu is our target platform for self-hosting Central. Perhaps try an Ubuntu VM on Windows? Or try the suggestions at ODK Central Build Error.

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Ok. Thanks.
Meanwhile managed to install ODK aggregate (know no longer maintained) on VM (ubuntu). It works great.
Now I will try Central, so I need VM, and what about Docker and commands? Really don't know anything about Docker.

I will appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

Once you have the Ubuntu VM, install Docker and Docker Compose inside Ubuntu, then install Central.

I already installed odk central on a local server, from the console i see that everything is fine, but i do not know how to enter from the browser, i used the server IP, but i could not access , what would be the address ?

What happens if you use the fully qualified domain name instead of the IP? Also, try docker-compose logs to see if it offers any hints.

Hello @yanokwa the problem was in the configuration of the file .env
I configured for local host.


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