Installing Central without a domain name

I would like to take advantage of this post to pose a question, in case any expert can provide an answer, as the subject is closely related to the one described above.

I have installed and run ODK Central on my local host, on my own machine. However, I am unable to access the forms on my ODK Collect app. The option for "Blank Form" does not appear, and it also does not recognize my Central. Could it be that I need to configure a web port on my local server? Can anyone explain why I am unable to open the forms uploaded on ODK Central LocalHost? I want to emphasize that if I need to configure and open a web port or anything related to that, I haven't found any information in the ODK documentation. It only instructs on configuring forms on Central via a web server.

I also can't view the forms, I don't know if it's because my server is not connected to the internet, if so how do I do this without using a paid web server.

As noted at, to self-host Central, you must have a fully qualified domain name (e.g., mapped to your server. For security reasons, Central will not work with localhost or just an IP address (e.g.,

if I have a domain name, which in this case I do. using the ODK Central server on my computer can I still do it? because there was an error in Docker debugging when in the ".env" file I defined my domain. However, there was no error when I defined "local host", could you please tell me how to proceed or some documentation that instructs me with my domain name?