Installing Central without a domain

Hi Guys, sorry to add my question to this. I also have ODK Central successfully installed on my local Ubuntu 20.04 and since I don't have a domain I used
in the .env file.
I can't seem to get it open in the web browser, what I'm I doing wrong?

Central requires a fully qualified domain name. Was there something in the documentation that suggested that you could install it without a domain? Any suggestions on how we can make this requirement clearer?

I, too, faced the same problem. I don't have a domain name, but a dedicated IP Address.

Can Central be made to run using an IP address??


It's not possible you need at least a free domain which you can create using freeDNS as described in the documentation Installing Central on DigitalOcean — ODK Docs

@LN explained why it's required in this post installed-ODK-central-website-not-loading - #18 by LN

Thank you guys, will create a sub domain