Installing ODK central on digital ocean

I have been trying to instal ODK central on digital ocean from some time now as per the instructions provided in ODK manual ( however, i am not able to succeed in it.

Is their a more details document or video on instaling odk central?

PS - I have limited knowledge of servers.

Hi @nalinsharma2004! That documentation is the main source of information about how to install ODK Central. However, we're hoping to make the installation process easier in the future.

In the meantime, it'd be useful to get more details about the issue you're encountering. Are you installing Central on DigitalOcean or elsewhere? Were you able to complete the entire installation process or just part of it? How can you tell that the installation was not successful? For example, do you see an error message?

Thank you Matthew, i was finally able to do it using the same documentation.

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