Installing ODK Central with FreeDNS

My goal is to install ODK Central on a local server using FreeDNS. I am unable to access the domain after building and bringing it up.

Following the steps provided on I obtained the following output from 'docker-compose ps':

However, when attempting to access the website (, it loads indefinitely.

I created the subdomain with the following cofiguration:

Screenshot from 2024-01-17 13-27-50

The error message I am receiving when checking the 'docker-compose logs' is:

Am I missing something? Can I really just create a subdomain using my Public Address, clone, build, and start the docker-compose with that free DNS domain?

Hi Paulo,

Try installing Central again. It is quite possible that DNS was not updated with your subdomain entry when Central was installing.

Also make sure that is your public IP Address.

Once Central is reinstalled, you should access it through HTTPS.