Institute of Tropical Medicine seeks Epidemiologist in Belgium

Job description

Your primary assignment is to conduct research in visceral leishmaniasis and leprosy.

  • You will assist in the management of the ongoing research projects and in the development and acquisition of new projects in these domains.
  • You will visit on a regular basis the projects in which the unit is involved in low and middle income countries, primarily in Africa and Asia.
  • You will help in the development of new research lines within the domain of the unit, including by contributing to research grant applications.
  • You will contribute to teaching activities and developing new course modules, in particular in the domain of epidemiology and statistics.
  • You will support other members of the department of public health in data management and data analysis.

Connection to ODK

Additional qualifications: Knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) and relevant open source software packages such as QGIS is an asset, the same applies to knowledge of open source electronic data collection systems such as ODK Collect.

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