Integrating a date and select_one question

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I am trying to understand what is the best way to integrate a date and select one question. I am trying to create a form for recording dates of vaccination but to make things as intuitive and straightforward as possible I also want data recorders to be able to click (1) No date recorded (2) Implausible date recorded (3) No vaccination recorded.

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?
I have attached the XLS form below.

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
I could obviously just create two questions but I was just wondering if anyone has figured out a more seamless approach to integrating two different question types (in this case date or select_one) into what looks like a single question.

4. Upload any forms or screenshots you can share publicly below.
DHSChildhoodVaccinationXLSForm.xlsx (636.3 KB)

I'm not aware of a solution that matches what you're ask.

I see you're using field-list appearance to group all the vaccination questions on one screen. Is this because you're using tablets with large screens? Because the data collectors may scroll up and down the list to enter the data based on the order of list on the vaccine card? Some other reason?

Would you consider breaking it out onto separate screens, creating two questions for each, and requiring all questions? For each vaccine you can have a select_one question that asks: (1) Date recorded and legible (2) No date recorded (3) Implausible date recorded (4) No vaccination recorded.

You can add autoadvance (appearance=quick) the question so that the interaction is a bit faster/easier. And then it only shows the date question on the next screen if they answer 1 (and 3 if you're interested in collecting the implausible date).

I would be cautious of using instructions such as "Leave the vaccination date blank if..." since you don't know if they skipped on purpose or on accident (and if on purpose, you don't know the reason). I see you currently have a "Why was no date entered?" question that shows if the date was blank, but you don't have that required either so they could easily skip that as well (and their free text response will require extra work to analyze).