Integrating Existing Survey Data (entities list) into ODK Form

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Hello everyone,

I've been grappling with a challenge for several weeks now and am seeking insights from this knowledgeable community.

I primarily work with XLSForm and have recently transitioned from another survey tool to ODK for data collection. In our previous system, we gathered certain data that I would like to integrate into our new ODK survey forms for 2024.

The participants in our surveys remain consistent year over year. I have updated some questions in the new survey form, while others are unchanged from the previous tool. I want to prepopulate these recurring questions with the participants' responses from last year to facilitate updates. For example, one such question (let's call it "Question 2") asks, "How often do you report this data?" with options ranging from 'Daily' to 'Annually.'

I have prepared a CSV file with the existing data, structured with columns for 'your_name' and 'question_2'. This file has been uploaded to an entity list on ODK Central. My goal is to ensure that when a participant, say Jean, accesses the new form on Enketo, they see their last response (e.g., '3. Monthly') already selected in Question 2.

Here is the XPath expression I attempted for prepopulating the data, but it hasn't worked:


Has anyone managed to prepopulate a form in this way? Any advice or pointers on how to properly link the entity list to the survey form would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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