Integration of Enketo into ODK Central

Thanks, good to know. Might still be useful to expose such a significantly/useful new feature on the (more visible?) ODK roadmap, but I'll let @martijnr make that call.


Wow..this went from August 2019 to June 2020.
Is there a specific reason why this was so much postponed?
I see that the integration of Enketo into Central is a key component for many people to switch to Central.
There technical problems or time constraints?
Is it not possible to anticipate this integration?


The Central roadmap is the projected plan assuming @issa and @Matthew_White are the only implementers. If @jnm, @martijnr and/or others are involved, that certainly shifts the timeline. I think we're all motivated to help make this happen as soon as possible.

I agree that it makes sense for these kinds of integration features to be reflected on the ODK roadmap in some way, if just as a table of contents that links to conversations like this one and Central/Enketo roadmap items.

I'm coming back to this after being out for a bit, has any discussion happened anywhere else? @issa, @jnm, any reactions to @martijnr's clarifications ? Is it time to schedule a call for interested parties to make sure all challenges have been identified and that it's clear who is thinking about what?


FYI as promised on TSC call, I've added an item to ODK roadmap to track.


any reactions to @martijnr's clarifications ? Is it time to schedule a call for interested parties to make sure all challenges have been identified and that it's clear who is thinking about what?

not from me. i don't feel like i have any further insight to add until i see some kind of a preliminary plan.


Hello again everyone, and thanks for all of your detailed and enthusiastic responses. My thought with prioritizing "Offline-capable, multi-submission surveys done by enumerators" as the first thing to tackle is that it would actually require minimal work (and hopefully be broadly useful). @issa, I'll outline my understanding below—please let me know if I make any missteps.

ODK Central is already an OpenRosa server supporting one OpenRosa client (ODK Collect), and my approach would be to treat Enketo as simply another OpenRosa client. Where Central seems to differ from other OpenRosa servers is that usernames and passwords are not used at all; instead, each "App User" authenticates with a unique URL made hard-to-guess by containing a 64-byte token.

Just as ODK Collect does, Enketo could interact with unique formList and submission URLs provided by ODK Central for each App User, forgoing usernames and passwords. Enketo would, in turn, generate its own unique, token-containing URLs: one per form per App User. For example, assuming all the forms are in the same project (ID 1):

Form App User Central OpenRosa URL Prefix Enketo URL
Well Pumps Meredith https://central/v1/key/{meredith-random-key}/projects/1/ https://enketo/::{meredith-well-pumps-random-key}
Well Pumps Jorge https://central/v1/key/{jorge-random-key}/projects/1/ https://enketo/::{jorge-well-pumps-random-key}
Well Pumps Ricki https://central/v1/key/{ricki-random-key}/projects/1/ https://enketo/::{ricki-well-pumps-random-key}
Cisterns Ricki https://central/v1/key/{ricki-random-key}/projects/1/ https://enketo/::{ricki-cisterns-random-key}

The workflow would be something like this:

  1. The system administrator of the ODK Central instance configures an Enketo URL and API key for use by the entire instance;
  2. [UX help, please!] ODK Central provides a UI element to retrieve an Enketo data-collection URL. This would be similar to "See code" in the "Configure Client" column of the App Users list, but there must be a way to select a particular form in addition to an App User;
  3. Once an App User and form have been selected, ODK Central POSTs that App User's token-containing OpenRosa URL and the <formID> of the form to the appropriate Enketo endpoint;
  4. Enketo stores the form and the OpenRosa URL in its Redis database, associating them with a unique key;
  5. Enketo returns a URL containing that unique key;
  6. ODK Central displays this URL;
  7. The project manager communicates that URL to the enumerator;
  8. The enumerator uses this URL to enter data and submits an instance;
  9. Enketo receives the submission and forwards it to Central's OpenRosa submission endpoint for this particular enumerator, which was stored in Enketo's Redis DB;
  10. Central recognizes the OpenRosa URL as containing a valid App User token and accepts the submission.

To respond to a few specific questions:

I propose that (at first) ODK Central does not ship Enketo at all. Instead, use of Enketo would be entirely optional, and the administrator of a Central instance could use any Enketo server reachable via HTTPS. Enketo already runs well in a Docker container, so savvy folks could set up Enketo immediately alongside their Central instance. If later there's a desire to include Enketo along with Central in a more streamlined way, I could help with the Docker aspect of that.

Central trusts that it can send blank forms and App User tokens to a particular Enketo that's been explicitly configured by the Central administrator. Central requires the Enketo server to use HTTPS with a certificate from a trusted authority to frustrate MITM and eavesdropping attempts. Central allows an instance to be submitted when it's POSTed to a valid, token-containing OpenRosa submission URL, no matter whether the client is Enketo or ODK Collect.

This sounds like it could be fun, but I'd like to avoid relying on anything but HTTPS over public interfaces. I may want to run my own Central but connect it to someone else's Enketo, or I might need a distributed cluster of Centrals and Enketos using something other than Docker's swarm mode.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


From a Central standpoint, the goal is to make Enketo functionality (preview, filling, editing) available with as little additional technical know-how or additional configuration as possible.

As far as code-paths, we can ensure there is not too much difference between bundled vs external if we're careful. After some discussion with @martijnr, it looks like bundled would use an Enketo subpath proxied to the local server in a Docker container. External servers would connect directly over HTTPS.

It’s riskier to bundle Enketo as a starting point and we’ve historically done the riskier stories first. We also aim to provide the best user experience first and fill in advanced features later. That said, I understand that starting with external access might make more sense for @jnm's roadmap/timeline.

I think we should get on a call to talk about the tradeoffs and dig into the proposed workflow. @issa, @LN, and I are available at the following times. @jnm, @martijnr, @Matthew_White which of these times would you be available?

  • Tue, Sep 10, 11 AM - 12 PM PDT
  • Tue, Sep 10, 1 PM - 2 PM PDT
  • Wed, Sep 11, 10 AM - 11 AM PDT
  • Wed, Sep 11, 1 PM - 2 PM PDT

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I've sent out a calendaring invite to the relevant parties for a call on Tuesday the 10th at 11 am PDT. The call will held at

Everyone is welcome and if you are interested and can't make it, no worries, we'll take notes at and the audio will be recorded.


@yanokwa @issa @LN Any updates on this? Reading through the thread here, it's not entirely clear to me how you ended up wanting to do the Enketo integration and whether it is still on the roadmap.

Hi @Johannes_Wilm, welcome to the ODK Community, don't hesitate to take some time to introduce yourself here

this post mention that enketo integration into central will be done after june 2020 (july would be great :joy: :wink: )

Right, but that looks like it is from May 2019 and then it was updated, and then after that there seems to have been some protest here. And then the posts after that suggest that there has been further discussion on it - among other things a call in September 2019. And then it's unclear to me what happened.

I have done that now: here.

@mathieubossaert Question: Is it correctly understood that already now, using the OpenRosa API, it is possible to connect the Enketo frontend to ODK Central by installing the Enketo backend component? So this is just a question of bundling it together and and not needing two backends?

I'm sorry but I don't have any idea about that. I am just a enthusiast user of ODK tools, not a developper :slight_smile:

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It's an issue on the roadmap: (but that issue card won't be helpful since it just links back here).

We're aware that a lot of people could use an Enketo/Central integration. And would be made very happy by it. Unfortunately there are a number of things that the team is looking to complete first. You can check out the things being worked on currently in the Central block 8 release criteria

The Enketo integration is definitely still part of the plan; I think it happening after June is probably the current best bet (unless more people and resources emerge to push it forward sooner).

Thanks for your patience and interest in ODK @Johannes_Wilm!


ODK Central v0.9 is currently getting a few changes post-Quality Assurance and should be released by early next week. This is the release that integrates Enketo for form previews. As @Johannes_Wilm described, this provides an integrated experience for installation and management.

ODK Central v1.0 will include a user experience for filling out forms with Enketo. I invite you to review and comment on the release criteria. The high-level overview is that there are two paths to making submissions with Enketo. One is integrated in the Central experience: a Central Web user who can list forms will see a button to make a submission and that will leverage Enketo. Those Enketo links will only be available to users who are logged into Central. If you go to such an Enketo link and are not logged into Central, you will be redirected to Central to log in and then redirected back to Enketo. The other path involves creating one or more public Enketo links for a form. There will be a special tab for creating and managing these links.

Thanks to all who have participated in moving this forward!


ODK Central v0.9 with Enketo-based form previews is now available. For those of you looking forward to form filling, we'd appreciate your feedback on this release. In particular, do forms that you wish to use successfully preview? Do you experience any performance issues?


PossibIy a very basic comment, but is there a list of the features that are supported by the Enketo webforms? It seems to me that not all the logic / features implemented in the forms can be previewed online, which would then makes its use a bit limiting. Since I am pretty new to ODK, this may also be a misunderstanding on my side on good practice for designing forms. I have in particular an XLSForm example (see attached below) with groups embedded in other groups prompted by skip logic based on calculated variables. The online preview of the form stops before the start of my second group, while the logic flow is should continue and works as expected on ODK Collect. Similarly, I would like the end-user to select the name of the health facility the patient has been visiting earlier / the name of the patient's residence from CSV lists (because I work in a multi-country setup and do not want to hardcode these lists in the XLSForm itself). The pulldata function works as expected on the preview, but the search function does not seem supported.

I need to wait a few second to be able to preview the form after uploading it (enough to notice it, but perfectly ok as a user). Otherwise the online preview looks good, easy to access and I have not noticed any performance issue when filling in data.

01-TIMCI-CRF-ref-form2.xlsx (22.7 KB)

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Bonjour Hélène, these are great questions indeed. We don't yet have an authoritative list of feature differences between Enketo and Collect but it is a resource we intend to build in addition to general documentation about how to think about the client choice. You may find helpful but it is not as complete as I'd like it to be. I only took a quick look at your form and I see several features that are currently Collect-only including audit and search(). It seems like you may want to stick with Collect for this particular initiative.

The organizations I've worked with typically use Collect when they have an ongoing project with multiple or complex forms and/or have a data collection workforce with different assignments over time. Those same organizations may reach for Enketo when they do quick interventions or need participants to self-report.

Thank, that's helpful feedback!

-- Hélène bis

Hi there, we are planning on using the Central to collect and edit some data. Since the editing functionality is missing right now are there any concrete plans on building this in with the Enketo any time soon?

In more general terms, adding a submissions PUT endpoint to the Central API would allow projects like ours to build their own synchronisation solutions. @issa are there any plans on enabling submissions updates through the API? If this is something in the roadmap then I would like to help to build this.

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I also made an attempt to update a comparison table on to show differences between Enketo and Collect. Feel free to open an issue for any corrections or additions you'd like to see. On the Enketo-side it is a long-term (unrealistic perhaps) goal to eliminate non-custom differences.